What To Dress In Summer For Women Over 50

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Just because you are getting older, it doesn’t mean that you can’t wear fun outfits. Summer outfits are the best way to be creative and get the most out of your wardrobe. However, there are a few tips and rules one should live by when it’s time to decide what to dress in summer for women over 50. Summer fashion is all about having fun with your outfits and here is how you can remain trendy and look exceptional at the same time. Do’s and don’ts of summer fashion for women over 50

1) Ditch the mini skirt

When it comes to skirts opt for midi skirts, they will look better on your body and make your features look better. Mini-skirts are not for you as they don’t look flattering on older women. Instead fill your wardrobe with midi skirts to look classy, stylish, and fabulous at fifty! Here is a great midi skirt that will go pretty well with any top: Kate Kasin Women’s High Waist Pleated A-Line Swing Skirt

2) Style leggings the right way

Many women above 50 go for long tunics and shirts. While that is fine and a great fashion choice you should pair them with leggings. These should be a staple in your closet to wear with any outfit. Do remember that leggings don’t go with any type of heels. So make sure that when you do wear them you pair them with slippers, trainers, or anything flat. Here are exceptional leggings that are also breathable at the same time: High Waisted Leggings for Women Ultra Soft Stretch Opaque Slim Yoga

3) Add some splash of color to your summer wardrobe

splash of color to your summer wardrobe

Ditch the black tops and wear more color. Summer colors such as pink, purple, emerald, turquoise, and aqua will be an amazing choice for you. If you have silver then you should get more summer tops that are jewel-toned. This will enhance your features even more and make your hair look even more flattering. A word of warning here is that you should avoid too many neutral colors such as beige because they tend to make a person look paler and washed out.

Here is a great turquoise blouse that you can even rock at work: Women’s 3/4 Sleeve Pintuck Blouse

4) Update your shoe game

Update your shoe game

For an outfit to look complete, shoes are just as important as anything else. If you have block heels throw those out and get some new shoes in. Your best bet is to wear wedges. They go with all kinds of clothes and also make your legs look nicer. Another great thing when it comes to wedges is that they are super comfortable to wear. If you want to look sleek and need something to wear at important work meetings then get yourself a pair of stylish kitten heels. You will find many on the market in a variety of colors and patterns. Here is a perfect for summer pair of kitten heels: DREAM PAIRS Women’s Low Pointed Low Heel Dress Pump Shoes

5) Don’t try to match everything

Don’t try to match everything

Many women think matching is the way to go and they match every single thing they wear. From tops to bottoms to scarves to their handbags and shoes. This is a big mistake and one should always contrast and mix colors to look more refined. If you are wearing a printed shirt, then go for plain bottoms and vice versa. There are many colors to choose from so embrace all of them instead of sticking to one pattern or color and matching everything according to that.

6) Wrap dresses

When it comes to wearing dresses, a wrap dress will look stunning. They hug your body and enhance your features making you look better. One thing to remember here is that you should purchase one with full sleeves or ones that are three quarters in length. You can pair it with gorgeous kitten heels and you will look better than ever! Embrace your body and wear things that accentuate your features. Here is a stunning wrap dress you can wear all summer: Brand – Lark & Ro Women’s Signature Long Sleeve Wrap Dress

7) Accessorize with delicate jewelry

First of all, don’t over-accessorize yourself. This will take the attention away from your summer clothing and also make your whole outfit look messy. Keep the accessories to a minimum so they can add value to your look instead of reducing the value. Secondly, when you do choose to accessorize yourself, make sure that the jewelry is delicate, fragile, and petite. Gaudy jewelry or very big pieces just drag down the value of your look and makes other people think that you are trying too hard. Minimal and delicate is the way to go this summer when it comes to accessorizing yourself. Here is a great minimal necklace that will go well with any outfit and setting: Valloey Rover Gold Star Necklace, Dainty 14K Gold Filled Sterling Silver Round Dot Tiny, Heart Little Star

Final words

These should be your guidelines for what to dress in summer for women over 50. Fill up your wardrobe with these essentials and you will be good all summer. This is everything you need to look amazing and fabulous!


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