5 Things to Wear for Mature Women Over 50

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Just because you’re getting older doesn’t mean that you have to dress like it. There are some styles out there that look particularly good on older women. As with people of any age, the key to finding great clothes is making sure you settle on things that fit you well. Trying to wear something that does not fit your personal style will inevitably end up looking bad. Keep on reading to find a list of five great things to wear over 50.

1. Jeans

Jeans of many different cuts will continue to look good on you as you age. The perfect situation is to have several pairs of jeans of different types so that you will have a pair that you can use for any occasion. A pair of mid-rise jeans made from dark denim in a boot cut will pair perfectly with any boots that you have, and are perfect for colder months when you find yourself wearing boots. Having a pair with straight legs will pair well with most other shoes that you have in your wardrobe. It is also worth your time and money to invest in a pair of white jeans. These will be perfect for the warmer months when you don’t want to wear dark colors. One last note: try to avoid skinny jeans unless you are sure you have the figure for it.

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2. Black Pencil Skirt

Just because you’re over fifty doesn’t mean that you need to stop going out! Having a black pencil skirt covering past or just around your knees will always look flattering on you, no matter what your figure is. Make sure that your pencil skirt has a bit of stretch to it, but that it is also not too tight to your body. This piece pairs better with heels, so try to only wear it with mid or high-heeled shoes or boots. This skirt will also work nicely with a pair of black tights, especially on colder days.

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3. Cardigans


Cardigans can be worn all-year-round, especially if you are the kind of person who gets cold easily. These sweaters are perfect for women whose arms are not exactly in the best of shape; the long sleeves of the cardigan can do a great job of concealing. If you decide to get a cardigan, do not wear it with a skirt. Cardigans work best with pants or jeans, so if you decided to follow the advice above and get a pair or two of jeans, a cardigan will be sure to complement them perfectly. Cardigans are also a great way to inject some color into your outfit, so try to stay away from cardigans in black or white and instead get a cardigan in one of your favorite colors.

4. Dresses


Dresses are not, of course, exclusive to women over 50, but there are some styles that look particularly flattering on older women of any size and shape. First, wrap dresses will look good on anyone. Try to aim for finding dresses with either long or three quarter length sleeves. If you decided to get a cardigan, you can very easily pair it with a sleeveless “sheath” dress. This combination will be appropriate for nearly any kind of event. Last, skater dresses—those that are fitted above the waist and flare out below—are good for women trying to have more of a flirty kind of look. A good rule of thumb, like with the skirts discussed above, is to keep the length of the dress right around your knee.

5. Black Leather Jacket

This is a statement piece that you can wear with almost anything. Find a black leather jacket that fits your figure well—ideally, cropped right above the waist, and wear it with jeans, button-downs, skirts, and just about everything else in your wardrobe. If you choose to get one, don’t let the price tag scare you. If you are willing to pay for a quality jacket, you will be able to use if for years and years to come. The timeless style of it means that it will never go out of fashion.


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