6 Mistakes You Are Making With Your Capsule Wardrobe

Mistakes You Are Making With Your Capsule Wardrobe
Every new journey you take has room for errors. You might be new on the journey of a capsule wardrobe and you might even be irritated. However, do remember that just like anything else in life this is a learning process. You make mistakes and then you learn from them so your experience is better. Your wardrobe is now limited but you still want it to be flexible. Don’t worry, because it is entirely possible and right now you are probably making some mistakes that you need to fix. Once you are over your trial and error period, you will never want to switch back from a capsule wardrobe. Here are some mistakes you might be making and how to fix them.

1- You are having a hard time finding your style

You are having a hard time finding your style When you have an understanding of your style, dressing up every day becomes much easier. It saves you time and it is something effortless. It also gives you a sense of calm because you don’t need to rush or hurry to pick and choosing clothes. However, when you don’t know your style, every day can be a drag and a waste of time picking between outfits. This is why before you make a complete capsule wardrobe make sure you know your style. Go through Pinterest, take inspiration, and try on different combinations. This will help you find your distinct style and a wardrobe will become much easier.

2- You are focusing too much on having a set number of items

You are focusing too much on having a set number of items Many people will tell you to focus on a set number of items for your wardrobe. However, that is not true. You don’t need to have a set limit. Just keep everything you need to make your capsule wardrobe the best and declutter the rest. If you are focusing too much on numbers, for example, let’s say you are focused on just having 40 items in your wardrobe. Well, if those 40 items have some pieces missing that you need to cover all seasons and events then add them. Don’t think too much about numbers and build a wardrobe you would love to wear. This doesn’t mean you go overboard because you still don’t need everything. Make sure what you do have is enough.

3- You got too many trendy clothing

You got too many trendy clothing You hear of a capsule wardrobe and in an attempt to have the perfect one you go shopping. However, you come back with all the latest pieces that don’t quite last long and are not in after some time. This is a big problem because it means you will have to keep on updating your wardrobe. This kills the whole purpose of a capsule wardrobe. The trick here is to add pieces in your wardrobe that are classic and timeless. They should go with everything and anything and offer versatility. Don’t revolve your wardrobe around trendy items. Instead, build it around timeless classics and add a few trendy pieces to make it fun.

4- You went for safe options

Many people go to extremes and get too many trendy pieces or on the other extreme, they get too many safe options. The idea is to have fun with your wardrobe. A capsule wardrobe is not a task but a fun lifestyle change. Don’t get too many basics. You will get bored and you will have to update your closet again. Instead, try to strike a balance between too trendy and too basics. The ideal solution here is to add colors to your wardrobe. Make sure you keep it interesting by having a balance of everything. Add a little bit of all types of clothing items and colors and you will never get bored! This way you can even mix and match and style one item in many different ways.

5- Following everything too strictly

Information is there to guide you. You don’t have to follow it precisely because tastes and preferences vary among people. After all, if you follow every rule and do everything by the book how will you add your personal touch to your wardrobe? While rules are good to give you an idea of how a capsule wardrobe works, you should make it flexible so you can easily add or minus items from it. If you want to wear something out of your capsule wardrobe, go ahead and do it!

6- Your closet is not organized

Everything can be great and ready to wear but if your closet is a mess you will get frustrated every single day. This is why you should make sure your closet is organized so you don’t waste any time in the mornings picking and choosing. This will save you time and make your journey a lot easier. An organized closet is frustrating no matter what the wardrobe inside.

Final words

Lastly, just have fun with your capsule wardrobe and don’t take it too rigidly. Try new things, style them in different ways, and enjoy an effortless wardrobe! SEE MORE:

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