6 Dumb Mistakes To Avoid When Designing A Custom Closet

Designing a custom closet can be tricky. You want everything to go perfectly and smoothly. However, the truth is that this is a niche business and not every home designer or builder has done this before. This is why you need to make sure you hire one with experience. Once you do, there still might be room for error. This is why you need to do your research and ensure that the person working is not making any dumb mistakes. You will have to keep a check on everything so your custom closet can look exactly the way you have pictured it on your mind. Here are six dumb mistakes you need to be on the lookout for while your closet is being custom-designed.

Mistake 1: Leftover space above the top shelf

Leftover space above the top shelf

You need to ensure that your custom closet system takes up the entire space of the walls. This is because if there is space left after the last shelf then it can look very unflattering. You need to have a closet system that starts from the ceiling and ends on the floor. Any space left above can be utilized in a way although it will be very hard to reach. This is why you need a closet that utilizes every inch of your space so you can make the most of it and easily access it.

Solution: Utilize the space fully by making sure there is no space left after the top shelf.

Mistake 2: Shallow shelves

Shallow shelves

You need a good eye to spot this mistake. It is one of those dumb mistakes that can be so easily overlooked that you won’t even know it is a problem till you fill your closet. Many professionals use 12-inch shelving because it saves their cost. However, even they know that in terms of practicality 12-inch shelves are not enough. If you are someone who owns a lot of clothes and has an extensive wardrobe then specifically tell your closet designer to not use such shelves.

Solution: It is simple. Tell the professional to use either 14-inch shelving or deeper depending on your closet needs.

Mistake 3: Not enough lighting

Not enough lighting

You need good lighting in your custom closet. This will brighten your closet and improve the experience for you as well. Now, of course, you won’t be able to get the kind of lighting you see in department or clothing stores. However, you can come close. You need the right kind of lighting that is cost-effective and fulfills its function well as well. You don’t have to break the bank by opting for custom lighting as well. Instead, see what your options are and what you can utilize in the best way.

Solution: Your best bet here is to make use of LED motion-activated lights that are also rechargeable. They are great and they function very well. These lights are also very cost-effective so you can install them all-around your closet. The best thing about them is that you need to charge these lights like you would your phone and they will light up the brightest again!

Mistake 4: Not using a system that is adjustable

Not using a system that is adjustable

Fashion is not constant. It keeps on changing and you need to have an efficient closet system in place that also can change. This is why you should always opt for an adjustable system. This will allow you to have your rods, drawers, and shelves adjusted whenever need be. You need to have a closet system that is flexible and not fixed in one place so you can make the most use out of it.

Solution: Tell your closet system builder to make an adjustable system. It is that simple!

Mistake 5: Opting for raised shoe shelves

Opting for raised shoe shelves

Such shelves are the epitome of luxury and look glamorous. However, are they efficient for normal people? Well, not really. You are on a budget and you need something that provides enough space to keep all your shoes in the way that it maximizes efficiency. These shelves create dead space and you can utilize that space much more efficiently. Raised shoe shelves are only for celebrities and people who have ample house and closet space and can afford such luxuries.

Solution: You need adjustable shelves that are not raised, and flat.

Mistake 6: Relying on a traditional closet

Relying on a traditional closet

Don’t just see a picture of a traditional closet and then give your builder to make it that way. Traditional closet systems are not efficient in today’s day and age and you need something to suit the needs of your space. Think about the design and research so you know exactly what you want.

Solution: Research. Come up with a closet design system that is best suited to your space. There are many modern designs out there that you can make use of!

Final words

These are the most common mistakes. However, it is very easy to overcome. Make sure to be smart about your decisions and utilize your space in the best way possible!


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