8 Makeup Mistakes that Make You Look Older

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When you apply makeup, the main idea is to make you feel that you’re eliminating some years from your look. But there are some Makeup Mistakes that make you older as well. You need to pay a lot of attention to how you apply your makeup and if you do it right, you might be able to solve this issue very quickly. With that in mind, here are some of the mistakes that you need to avoid.

1- Muddy Eye Coloring

One of the main Makeup Mistakes that make you older is that you might be using a muddy eye color. Yellows, reds and even browns are warm eyeshadow shades that will not make you very appealing. Instead, your eyes will feel tired and that’s obviously something you want to avoid. The recommended option in this case at least is a jewel tone. That one actually makes your eyes look awake and they bring out the livelihood inside. It’s certainly worth the effort and if you check it out adequately, you will be very happy with the experience.

2- You’re Using a Heavy Black Eyeliner

While dramatic, dark eyeliner can look great, the reality is that this is hard to pull off. More often than not it’s going to appear unflattering. That’s especially true as you get older, because the eyelashes are thinning out and you end up adding too much color. Instead of using black, you can go with gray or dark brown. And as always, you need to realize that less is actually more. Liquid eyeliners can be an option, but not all the time. Try both a liquid option and a pencil, then see what works for you.

3- Not Using a Primer

Primers are known for the fact that they have silicone and hyaluronic acid. This will help fill up the wrinkles and it will offer a smooth canvas that you will enjoy. If you have under-eye bags and dark circles, don’t hesitate and use a primer. This will help make your skin smoother. Once that is done you can rely on concealer or anything like that. Make sure that you own a primer because it has great ingredients and it will bring in a more visually appealing foundation. Once you do that, it will certainly look amazing and that’s the thing you want to go for.

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4- Relying On The Wrong Foundation

What a lot of women don’t realize is the fact that not all foundations are the same. Getting a random one will not offer you the results and value you would expect. With that in mind, you want a beauty sponge that you can then use to tap around the face so you can have the right canvas to work on at all times. Pick a color that actually matches your face color, as that’s where you want to focus on the most. On top of that, when you use the sponge you want to squeeze the extra water away, just to be safe and avoid any issues.

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5- A Lack of Moisturizer

You should avoid situations where you’re not using a moisturizer. Keep in mind that your skin dries off very fast, and that can be a problem when you have a dry canvas for your makeup. Which is why using a moisturizer will certainly help more than you imagine. It will take a little bit of time to adapt and adjust to the process, but it will be a good idea to moisturize beforehand just to be safe. It will make the entire experience better and you can focus on getting the right results.

Here is some of our favorite moisturizer:

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6- You Add Too Much Concealer

The problem with having too much concealer on your face is that it will highlight the wrinkles. That means your face will be aged, and that’s something you want to avoid. A thick concealer is not going to help you, so you want to make sure that you rely on a fluid foundation that has luminous particles. The reason you want to go down that route is that it makes your skin feel natural and you get those results without overloading anything.

7- Too Much Mascara On The Lower Lashes

Most of us use mascara in order to touch up the lower lashes and even accentuate the edges. The problem is that once you add too much mascara, things are not going to be that ok. It doesn’t matter how small the wrinkles are, if the mascara is thick, then they will stand out. That’s why you want a very small amount of mascara. If you use too much, then this will be one of the Makeup Mistakes that make you older and you want to avoid. It shows that you have wrinkles or something you want to hide, which isn’t really the case to begin with.

8- Adding Dark Eyeshadow The Wrong Way

Lots of women tend to add eyeshadow over the entire lid area. The problem here is that this is one of the major Makeup Mistakes that make you older. It will actually draw attention to the eyes and any wrinkles or problems that you might have there. Ideally, you want to just dab the corner of the eye with some eyeshadow. It’s more appealing and interesting, and it will provide a very good experience. Just try to take that into consideration and the results themselves can be second to none regardless of the situation.


As you can see, there are many Makeup Mistakes that make you older and you should avoid them right away. Finding the right makeup techniques can be very important, and it all comes down to understanding the right approach and adapting it to your own requirements. One thing is certain, adding too much foundation or eyeshadow is never going to be that helpful, so you need to know the limits as much as you can. It will be worth the effort once you learn what the limits are, so try to keep that in mind!


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