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Jeans may have started out as a clothing item for workers from a specific industry but over time they have revolutionized the apparel industry. These days you can find everyone wearing a pair. There are literally hundreds of different types of jeans in the market. You can find season-specific jeans, event-specific jeans, and even gender-specific jeans. Jeans are something that almost every person has in their wardrobe. It is one of the simplest items yet it is very difficult to choose the right jeans for yourself. Most of you women know what I am talking about. When you head out to the mall to buy a pair of jeans, it’s never a “pick up and buy” thing. There are so many different designs available that you have to try several, before you can make the purchase for the one that resonates with your style. A simple mistake in choosing the right pair of jeans for you can make you look frumpy. So if you are thinking about how you can wear jeans without looking frumpy, give this article a read.

1- Don’t Stuff The Jeans In Boots If They Are Not Skinny

Don’t Stuff The Jeans In Boots If They Are Not Skinny

If you are someone who likes to wear long boots then you know wearing jeans can be a bit of trouble. Many women tuck jeans in long boots. This may be the perfect way to wear jeans with long boots however this works best when the jeans are skinny. If your jeans aren’t skinny try wearing something else instead of the long boots as they both wouldn’t go well with each other. But If you still want to wear both, then make sure that the jeans aren’t tucked in the boots. And finally, if you are wearing relatively skinnier jeans then you can tuck them in the boots but make sure to always avoid SUPER skinny jeans. Super skinny jeans will also make you look frumpy. So if you want to wear jeans with long boots, try to go for just the right width and design.

2- Go For The Right Size

Go For The Right Size

Many women make the mistake of buying jeans that are either too long or too short. Some do it by mistake while others buy it based on their style. Women who believe that a certain long or short length of jeans resonate with their style will always opt for that specific size. However, this can make you look frumpy. When you are out to shop for jeans make sure to buy jeans that are ideally sized for you. You might feel that lengthy jeans or shorter jeans resonate with your personality but wearing jeans that are too short or too lengthy can definitely make you look frumpy and casual.

3- Never Ignore The Rear View

Never Ignore The Rear View

Whether it’s a top bodywear or bottom wear when you go out to purchase clothes, make sure to check them from the backside as well. When it comes to clothing, many people focus on the front whereas the back is equally as important. Women who have a little know-how about clothing will always check their clothes from both sides when they are in the trying room. Your jeans can help you make a fashion statement so it is very important that you make sure that it looks good from all sides.

4- Prefer Denim And Go For Gender-Specific Jeans

Gender-Specific Jeans

These days you can find a wide variety of jeans in the market. There are many different qualities and types of jeans made with different types of materials. Denim jeans are still the most popular types of jeans out there. They are sort of a universal clothing item as they are worn all over the world. For women, trying to look less frumpy in jeans, it is very important to go for jeans that are specifically designed for women. You can choose any type of pair of jeans you want as long as they resonate with your style. However, due to their unique feel and range of designs, it is recommended for women to go for denim jeans for their fashion statement. Another reason to prefer denim jeans is that they can look good with any type, design or color of the dress you want to wear.

5- Don’t Ever Wear The Jeans Too Low

We all know about this trend. This trend started somewhere in the 1980s or 1990s and is usually followed by men. however, there are many women who tend to wear their jeans low as well. You should wear the jeans right at your waist where they actually look perfect. Wearing jeans too low is just a big No-No. It will not just make you look frumpy but no one will take you seriously. So make sure to wear your jeans the right way. Everyone has a set of jeans in their wardrobe. We all have them and we all wear them casually. This is why many people don’t realize that there are certain rules they need to follow when they are wearing jeans. Just because you have been wearing jeans for years and years does not mean that you wear them right. As it is such a common clothing item, people don’t even realize when they look frumpy in it. Sticking to the above-mentioned tips can help you get rid of the frumpiness when you wear jeans.



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