How To Walk With Heels Without Having Pain

How to walk with heels without having pain

They’re perfect for stretching the silhouette and making beautiful legs. But walking in high heels isn’t for everyone and can even turn into a nightmare. Follow these tips and wearing heels has never been easier.

Protecting Your Feet

If you’re going to spend the whole day perched on heels, you’re going to have to be careful with your feet. Avoid wearing shoes that are too high or rigid too often and that you find it difficult to walk in for more than an hour. On the contrary, alternate with a soft and comfortable pair that won’t hurt you, such as sneakers.

Then, before going to sleep, remember to massage your feet with a decongestant cream that will relieve and relax the muscles.

Making Your New Shoes

On holiday nights, you often feel like wearing new shoes. If this is your case and you have invested in THE pair of Louboutin, we strongly advise you to “do” them beforehand. To do so, wear them at home before D-day while you cook, clean or vacuum… That way, the shoe will have had time to relax and take the shape of your foot.

Put Your Shoes In The Freezer

Yes yes, you read it right. This old grandmother’s technique is super effective to soften and (slightly) enlarge a pair of shoes that are a little too small or painful. Take two plastic bags, fill them with water and place them inside the shoes. Put the pair in the freezer and remove it three or four hours later. As it freezes, the water in the plastic bags will put pressure on the sides of the shoes and make them wider. Magical, isn’t it?

Slip-on Silicone Soles

To reduce the pain caused by heels, nothing better has been found yet than small silicone pads to be slipped inside the shoe. Sold in any drugstore or shopping mall, they prevent the foot from slipping and limit the impact with the ground.

Thinking About Platform Shoes

As elegant and feminine as high heels, platform or wedge shoes can be a good alternative to relieve your feet. Often raised one or two centimeters at the front, they prevent the foot from being too arched and in contact with the ground, which limits pain in the arch of the foot.

Put The Price

The first risk with (too) cheap shoes is to have painful feet, or even worse, to damage them. So certainly the price is attractive and you can buy several pairs at once, but is it really worth it to damage your health?  Not to mention that there is little chance that you will put them back on a second time if they hurt, so you don’t even get a good deal.

It’s better to invest once in a while in a good quality pair of shoes than often in shoes with a broken but importable price tag.

Tape The Toes

Another little trick to reduce heel discomfort is to tape the middle or last two toes together. This will reduce the strain on the nerve under the foot that causes the pain.

Take a Spare Pair Of Shoes

Always remember to carry a spare pair of shoes in your bag for extra comfort. Handy if you’re planning a long day in heels or dancing all night. It’s restrictive and cumbersome, but you’ll be more than happy to have them if you can’t hit the pavement or dance floor at 4 am.


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