How to Look Expensive On a Budget

how to dress expensive

When you flip through a fashion magazine, it’s hard to not be envious of every outfit. Who doesn’t want to look like they just stepped out of a dressing room with a personal stylist, makeup artist, and hairstylist?

If you want to look like you’ve got a stylist and a closet full of couture, but your budget isn’t quite up to par with Vogue, there are a few super simple tips and tricks to looking expensive on a budget.

1- Invest in a tailor

Don’t get rid of the shirts and pants that don’t fit properly and go out searching for new clothes! Bring these items right to a tailor. A proper fit or reinforced them can take a $15 skirt from the mall to looking like it was made just for you. Keep in mind, the simpler the skirt design, the cheaper it will be to tailor.

2- Take care of your skin

Remember that when it comes to makeup, less is more when you’re trying to look expensive on a budget. Perfecting you glowing, “no-makeup makeup” face is key to looking like a million bucks. Invest in a few high-quality skin products (moisturizers, cleansers, makeup removers, etc.) that aren’t filled with harsh chemicals that irritate your skin. Skincare products can be really expensive, but they don’t have to be. You can find some quality products at the drug store for under $20.

3- Keep it simple

When it comes to style, simplicity looks effortless. A simple wardrobe is also a classic one which means it’s absolutely timeless. Neutral tones and simple patterns will never go out of style. You can trick anyone into believing you’ve always had such impeccable style with clothes like these. Another perk to solid, simple pieces: they’re more versatile so you can wear them with outfit after outfit and keep them interesting every time.

4- Replace buttons

This might not seem like it makes a big difference but it’s a trick that Pinterest DIYers have been using for years. You know when someone buys a dresser and slaps a new coat of paint on it a and some new handles and it looks like it cost them an entire paycheck? That’s exactly what swapping out cheap, plastic buttons on your clothes will do. Giving your clothes that little extra detail will make them look luxurious.

5- Wash your clothes less

If you wear an outfit to the office or out to lunch with a friend, it’s unlikely that your clothes really need to be washed. The washer and dryer add years to a piece of clothing’s life. Keeping your clothes looking new is key to keeping up the illusion of an expensive piece. Spot clean your clothes with a toothbrush and detergent or put them in the freezer to get rid of any smells.

6- Steam or iron your clothes

You don’t typically see celebrities and fashion icons walking around with wrinkles in their clothes. Take a few minutes before you get dressed and steam or iron the wrinkles out of your clothes. It makes them look freshly dry cleaned and no one will be able to tell that shirt was, in fact, on your bedroom floor this morning.

7- Have a few pairs of great shoes

Shoes can be really expensive but there are definitely some classing pairs out there that you can find cheap or on sale. Hit the clearance rack at Nordstrom or Macy’s and grab a pair of classic black pumps and bright white sneakers. Wearing heels with any outfit will take it from drab to fab instantly. Wearing a pair of brand new, white sneakers to run errands or hit the gym – even if you’re wearing yoga pants and a t-shirt – will make you look like a fitness model!

8- Create a mood board

Either on your phone, computer or on your bedroom wall, save pictures of models and celebrities that you want to embody. If you see the expensive style every day, you’ll be able to compare your wardrobe to your ideal wardrobe and shop accordingly. Get rid of pieces that don’t fit your image of good style. Keep the ones that make you feel good and only buy new ones if you think your favorite celeb would.


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