How To Dress If You Are A Short Woman

What to dress if you are a short woman

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Like the models on those magazine covers, not everyone has long legs and a size zero body. It is not realistic and there is only a small proportion of women who resemble the models in terms of height and body. The rest of the women can’t pull off such looks because they are shorter and have a different type of body. This is why you need to know different tips and tricks on how to dress if you are a short woman or even petite so you can look your fabulous self. Here are the best styling tips for you to always look your best and accentuate your features.

1) Match the color of your shoes with your bottoms

Match the color of your shoes with your bottoms

If you want it to look like you have longer legs then always follow this tip. When you match the shoes and bottoms it gives an illusion of you having longer legs. So if you are wearing black jeans or tights, match them with black shoes. However, one pro-tip here that you can utilize is to wear shoes that match your skin tone when you have left your legs bare. This will make your legs look elongated and help you look taller!

2) Switch to flared jeans

flared jeans

This is essential when it comes to knowing how to dress if you are a short woman. This is because such jeans make it look like your legs are longer under all that flare. Such jeans were very popular during the seventies. However, in recent times they have made a comeback and are now very popular. Look stylish and elongate your legs at the same time with flared jeans! If you want your legs to look even longer, pair your flared jeans with heels and see how great you look. Where you can get the best-flared jeans: Sidefeel Women Destoryed Flare Jeans Elastic Waist Bell Bottom Raw Hem Denim Pants

3) Knee-high boots out, ankle boots should be in

Knee-high boots out, ankle boots should be in

If you wear knee-high boots or boots that are below your knee but cover half your calf then it can look very unflattering. This is because such boots cut off at random places and can make your legs look even shorter. This is why you should always stick to ankle boots to make your outfits and legs look more flattering. Here is a pair of stylish ankle boots that go with everything: Forever Camille-86 Women’s Comfort Stacked Chunky Heel Lace Up Ankle Booties

4) Mini-skirts are your best friend

Mini-skirts are your best friend

It is better that you don’t opt for midi skirts or longer variations as they make you look shorter. Instead, wear mini-skirts that have a proper fit and pair it with fitted tees to accentuate your petite features. Pair them up with ankle boots or heels to take your look one step further!

5) Opt for dresses with slits

If you want to change it up, and switch from wearing mini-skirts to maxi dresses, then make sure it has a slit. As a short and petite woman, a maxi dress will hide all your features and make you look shorter than before. However, one that has a slit will balance your features and give a sleeker look that will give more definition to your body. This is why you shouldn’t wear maxi dresses at all unless they have a slit. Here is the perfect dress to show off those legs and accentuate your features: II ININ Women’s Deep V-Neck Casual Dress Summer Backless Floral Print/Solid Split Maxi Dress for Beach Party

6) Switch to vertical striped trousers or tops

vertical striped trousers

These give the illusion of your body having more length. Horizontal stripes make you look wider and if you are a short woman it won’t look flattering on your body. Switch to vertical stripes, get vertically striped trousers or tops, however, do make sure that they have a proper fit. A more baggy fit will not work as well as something that properly fits your body.

7) Wear shorter tops

Wear shorter tops

Longer shirts or tunics will hide your legs and give you a shorter look. You need to wear everything in proportion to your body so it can look as flattering as possible. Crop tops and high waist jeans are your best friend as they make you look taller. However, apart from that, you should wear tops that are either in line with your hip or above. Longer tunics should be worn seldom and paired with tights or skinny jeans if need be, but try to avoid them altogether. A plain crop top that you can buy in many colors to vamp up your wardrobe: SweatyRocks Women’s Basic Short Sleeve Scoop Neck Crop Top

8) Keep your jumpsuits simple

Keep your jumpsuits simple

Avoid wearing jumpsuits with too many patterns on it. Try wearing a jumpsuit that is plainer but has a strong color overall. This is because too many patterns will drown your features out. They will also overwhelm your body and may end up looking unflattering. Wear plain jumpsuits as they give more balance and definition to your body type. Pair them with a nice pair of heels to make yourself look even more fabulous. You can even opt for a jumpsuit with vertical stripes to make yourself look even more elongated! Make yourself look amazing with this vertical striped jumpsuit: Cosygal Women’s Striped Linen Short Sleeves Wide Leg Palazzo Jumpsuit Romper

Final words

If you want to know how to dress if you are a short woman then follow these tips and stock up your wardrobe with such items to make yourself look the best. With these clothing articles, you will never have to worry about looking short again!


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