6 Fashion Mistakes That Make You Look Shorter

Firstly, let’s make it clear that being short is in no way a flaw. It is simply your height and you can rock everything as better as anyone else. Even though height doesn’t matter, there are still some clothes that may not look flattering. However, that is okay because there are some clothes that don’t look flattering on tall girls either! These are not flaws but rather our traits that we can amplify or minimize with fashion. There are a few fashion mistakes that might make you look shorter even though you aren’t. Fashion is about enhancing the features and body you already have in the right way. Here are six fashion mistakes you shouldn’t make if you don’t want to look short!

1- Length of skirt

Length of skirt

Yes, this is one thing that really matters because you want to wear something that makes you look elongated. Some skirt lengths can look extremely unflattering if you are short. They can hide your beautiful legs and features and you don’t want that. The best option here is to go for a short or mini skirt. However, you can even go for a long skirt that falls to the floor. Never ever make the mistake of wearing a midi skirt. This is because they cut off mid-length and make you look short. Go long or go short but never go middle!

2- A big bag means a shorter you

A big bag

Do you know what is in and chic these days? Small bags. Many people are switching out their huge bags for small ones and designers have gone so far as to create the most mini bags one has ever seen! Remember this that the bigger your bag is, the shorter you will end up looking. This is because they look disproportionate to you and tend to hide you. The focus then also remains on the bag and not you. Yes, big bags are convenient and handy because they have a lot of space. However, they are out now and you should consider getting small cross-body bags or clutches!

Here is a cross-body bag that will keep the focus on you and store all your things: Michael Kors Women’s Jet Set Item Lg Crossbody

3- Platform shoes are a big no

Platform shoes

A very common mistake that every short girl tends to make is to wear platform heels. They are bulky, chunky, and they make you look shorter than ever. People think they add inches to their height but honestly, they just make you look disproportionate. Everything from top till down needs to be balanced so all the attention is not in just one place. Your best bet in terms of heels is to wear stilettos or heels with a low vamp. They make your legs look beautiful and give you a nice height without making it obvious. Fashion is all about enhancing your features in subtle ways and not going over the top.

Here are some great stilettos that will look good with everything: DREAM PAIRS Women’s Karrie High Stiletto Pump Heel Sandals

4- Pairing wide-leg pants the wrong way

Pairing wide-leg pants the wrong way

Everyone from celebrities to influencers is wearing these types of pants, and why not? They look super chic. However, do remember to pair it with the right top so you don’t end up looking shorter. One rule here is to never ever pair wide-leg pants with a loose top. You need something fitted. Pair them with a crop top or something that doesn’t hide your body in any way. Always remember if the bottom is loose, the top should be tight and the other way round as well.

Here is an amazing pair of wide-leg pants that you can pair with any top: Tsful Women’s Casual Loose Wide Leg Pants Pull On Dress Pant

5- Say yes to vertical stripes

vertical stripes dress

They are your best friend when it comes to stripes, so don’t wear horizontal stripes. They tend to make short girls even shorter and bulky. However, vertical stripes give a nice elongated look to your body making you look more tall and slim. If you have any horizontal striped tops, throw them out now and get this amazing vertical striped top which will make you look taller: BLENCOT Women’s Floral Print Button Down V Neck Strappy

6- Layer your clothes the right way

Layer your clothes the right way

There is an art to layering as well. It is a big mistake to just throw on many layers on yourself because it will hide you and make you look short. The key here is to wear baggy clothes inside and layer it with a fitted coat or jacket. Another thing you can do is wear fitted clothes inside and layer it with an oversized coat or jacket on top.

Final words

Enhance your features the right way to make yourself look superb all the time. Fashion is all about making the right choices and with these tips you will never look short again!


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