8 Fall-Winter Fashion Trends We’re Going To Love

Fall-Winter Fashion Trends 2020

Home means a new wardrobe. The fall-winter 2019-2020 trends have arrived and with them, their share of inspiring and stylish looks. We’re falling for leopard print, satin or faux fur, all of which will punctuate our outfits this season. Here are all the fashion trends of the new season, already spotted on the catwalks.

As every year, it is out of the question to miss out on the major autumn winter 2019-2020 fashion trends. To ensure a successful start to the new school year, we are preparing the groundwork and taking an interest in the new products spotted during Fashion Week. We reassure you, among the new trends, there’s plenty to enjoy: bold prints, colorful pieces, and comfortable materials.

Which stylish pieces will you adopt? Which colors and prints will rage? Here are the 8 fashion trends that are sure to make us crack this fall-winter.

Trendy Prints for Autumn-Winter 2019-2020

  • The Animal Print

The trend for animal motifs remains at the forefront, much to our delight. And while the leopard is still very popular, the other animals are not to be outdone. Zebra, snake, python… animal prints can be found on our mid-season blouses as well as on our winter coats.

Animal print
Source: Pinterest
  • The Tile Print

The star print of the season is the tile! Prince of Wales, Houndstooth, Crowfoot, Tartan or Tartan, in XXL, colorful, black and white versions: it comes in an infinite variety. It is therefore adopted without delay to be at the forefront of fashion this autumn-winter. And the good news is that the plaid print blends with all styles, whether you are casual, bohemian, classy or sportswear.

The tile print
Source: Pinterest
  • The 70’s Paisley Pattern

This new season brings the 70’s spirit back into our wardrobes. The Paisley print, better known as the paisley pattern, is on all the catwalks. We like it in fluid materials and we adopt it as much with mom jeans as with a midi skirt, for a very retro style.

The 70's Paisley Pattern


Winter 2019/2020 Color Trend

The 2020 color trends will delight every fashionista. Lovers of nude, pop shades or soft and sweet colors, all will find their happiness this season!

  • The Nude Beige

Very present in spring-summer fashion trends, nude persists this autumn. In shades of camaieu, camel-like, playing with ecru, or more caramelized, this color with a thousand shades has the advantage of being able to be worn with everything. On a Streetwear or resolutely chic look, it’s hard for the fashion sphere to go wrong.

The Nude Beige
Source: Pinterest
  • Fuchsia Pink

No room for grayness. This winter, the color will be there to keep up the neon trend. Fuchsia pink is the color of choice for our fluffy coats, carrot pants, blazer jackets, and turtleneck sweaters. The most daring will even dare to go for the total look, like those seen on the Jacquemus, KENZO and Chanel runways.

Fuchsia Pink
Source: Pinterest
  • The Pastel

In winter, the pastel shades will be used: lilac, water green, sky blue, almond or powder pink. Canon on a vintage cardigan, on a suit or an XXL sweater, they allow us to face the cold gently. Our fetish accessories – such as beaded bags and scarves – will also succumb to the retro charm of these tender colors.

The Pastel
Source: Pinterest


Trendy Materials Autumn Winter 2019-2020

  • Satin

Satin hasn’t said his last word. This silky fabric is making its way into our winter wardrobe. We take advantage of the mid-season to postpone the fashion pieces that set the rhythm of our summer, such as the slip skirt, this midi skirt that we wear with an oversized sweater and trendy sneakers. In total look, we love the satin trouser suit.

  • Glittery, Metallic, Sequined materials

A flood of sequins, sequins, and lame and metallic materials… this autumn-winter, we put magic in our daily life. And we assure you, glitter fashion is not only for the holidays! We dare shine on a straight skirt, combined with basics like a sweater and a pair of white sneakers for example. Otherwise, you can always let loose on accessories: a sequined scrunchy, a bag embroidered with sequins, shoes that shine.

Glittery, Metallic, Sequined materials
  • The Fake Fur

More and more designers are saying yes to ethical fashion. Indispensable to warm up our looks, faux fur is dressed with the season’s flagship prints such as check or zebra. It’s the perfect way to be doubly stylish. Colorful, short, long, the variations are not lacking in boldness. This winter, we won’t leave our faux fur coat.

The Fake Fur
  • Leather

This winter, it’s decided, we dare the leather. To adopt it without a lack of taste, we bet on basics, a leather skirt or a Perfecto, easy to combine with an oversized sweater or high waist jeans. These pieces are enough to modernize any outfit and give us a rock look. And since fashion is also a game, we don’t hesitate to mix trends and marry leather with tartan.


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