Casual outfits for women over 50

We all make a statement about the way we dress. For many people, the concept of fashion is very subjective. However, there are many instances where you have to put your preferences aside and think about what would make you look good and presentable on that specific day. This might mean that you’d have to make some decisions that are against your preferences. Other than special occasions and events, you should also start following a specific dress code when you reach a certain age. Let’s take a look at things women shouldn’t wear when they reach the age of 50 or above. This does not mean that women over 50 aren’t beautiful; it just means that they need to reevaluate their clothing preferences. Women over 50 may still look good in all types of dresses but it is better that they avoid the following items and accessories.

1- Avoid Excessive Make-Up

Excessive Make-Up

Unless you are going to a party that has a loud makeup theme, you should never wear excessive makeup on your face. This is especially true for when you are above 50. Excessive makeup can become more prominent at that age and instead of enhancing your look, it might destroy your overall appearance. It is very important to just keep the makeup light and beautiful.

2- Don’t Go For Fashion from the Yester Years

Fashion from the Yester Years

Over the years, you might have seen a lot of fads and trends come and go. You might have liked some of them and you might have hated a few others. The problem arises when you tend to keep following the fashion from yesteryears. If you are still going to wear 80s fashion clothes in the current world then people will definitely roll their eyes at you. So it is very important to change with the changing world. Some of the new and modern trends might be too different from what you are used to. However, if you want to look good then you have to wear what the world is wearing.

3- Avoid Miniskirts


Women above 50 need to be more classy and elegant rather than hot and sexy.  This is why women over 50 should always avoid miniskirts. Miniskirts can sometimes get too revealing which can look good when you are young however when you are above 50 the sight of seeing yourself in a miniskirt can be daunting. You may still wear skirts however miniskirts should be avoided at all costs.

4- Dresses That Show Cleavage

Dresses That Show Cleavage

Always avoid clothes that reveal too much. You might have been a very beautiful and sexy girl in your youth but when you are above 50 then it’s time for you to start caring less about cleavages. It doesn’t matter how many clothes you had with long cleavages, once you reach the age of 50, its time to say goodbye to all the dresses with low neck points. You should realize that at your age it might not look decent to have a high and clear cleavage in your clothes.

5- T-Shirts with a Message

T-Shirts with a Message

Another important thing to miss is T-Shirts with messages. It one of the more casual things to wear and more importantly it is something that is usually associated with a teenage style. People who wear T-shirts when they are well above 50 years old need to make sure the T-Shirts don’t have a cheesy message written on them. A plain T-shirt for a comfortable experience around the house is fine but wearing such T-Shirts when you leave the house is a big No-No.

6- Hair Accessories with Cartoonish Designs

Hair Accessories with Cartoonish

Little girls like to wear hair clips with cartoons like Barbie or Hello Kitty. Just imagine yourself doing that at 50. The reason that kids love these so much is that these clips have their cartoon characters on them. Most little girls just wear them because of that.  For a 50-year-old, you don’t need any cartoon motivations to manage your hair. No one has to tell you “hey look it has Barbie on in so you should wear it”. Hair accessories are necessary for managing hair however, it is better to avoid hair accessories that are too bright and cartoonish in design and style. These are 6 of the most important items and accessories that you should avoid wearing at or above the age of 50. At the end of the day, you wear what you desire but you should also realize that there are many amazing items out there that are specifically designed for people your age. Once you give those items a go, you are bound to fall in love with some of them.




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