11 Tips To Dress To Look Thinner

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It’s amazing how much thinner you can look if you’ve got the right outfit. There are a few tips and tricks to looking a few pounds lighter with the way that you dress. It’s all about knowing your body type and sticking to certain patterns while shying away from others. You can create the perfect illusion every time you get dressed!

1- Fill Your Closet With The Right Fabrics

Materials that are “flat” won’t add volume to your body. These are materials like cotton, denim, silk, and wool gabardine.

Other materials to help you look thinner are jersey, cashmere, and anything with a little bit of spandex.

2- Get Monochromatic

Wearing the same color on the top and bottom gives the illusion of vertical lines. These not only make you look thinner; they make you look taller! When colors change between top and bottom, attention is drawn to your midsection making you look short and stocky. BTW, black is the most slimming color!

If you want to break up the single-color outfit a little, go ahead and throw on a pair of contrasting heels.

3- Wear Skinny Heels With a Pointed Toe

Wearing heels with any outfit is a great way to look thinner with the way you dress. Try to keep a few pairs of heels in your closet with a skinny stiletto heel and a slender, pointed toe. A box-shaped toe tends to disrupt the streamlined look from your calf to your toes.

4- Shapewear, shapewear, shapewear!

Don’t be afraid to add a few pieces of thick, body-slimming undergarments to your wardrobe. They will come in handy for occasions that require a cute, little dress!

5- Plunging Necklines

Wearing a deep v-neckline creates a focal point that is closer to your face and farther from your middle. It also creates the illusion of a longer torso. The longer the visible like from your chin to the bottle of the v, the more sliming this effect will seem.

6- Wear Your Hair in a High Ponytail

Take a page from Ariana Grande’s book and throw your locks into a high pony. Keeping your hair off your face and tightly worn on your head makes your facial structure pop while giving that illusion of long, vertical lines.

7- Choose The Right Fit For Pants

A darker wash jean or black fabric paint is a great option for pants that make you look thinner. For the shape, pick a straight-legged pant with a material that has a little stretch to it, throw on a pair of boots with a heel higher than 2 in. or a nice pointed-toe heel.

8- Vertical Stripes

Wearing vertical stripes on either your top or your pants is an age-old method of looking slimmer with the way that you dress. Horizontal stripes make shapes look wider while vertical lines play with your body shape and create that tall, linear look.

9- Define Your Waistline

With a well-placed belt or an item with a cinched waist. By highlighting your natural waistline and pulling the fabric in a bit, you immediately give yourself a defined shape and trim inches off your waist!

Use a thinner belt here and don’t be afraid to wear one that has a bit of giving to it.

10- Wear The Right Jacket

A nice waist-length sports jacket or blazer with crisp lines and narrow lapels make you look sleek and slender. Wearing a dark wash jacket unbuttoned with a pair of slim, dark wash jeans are a great way to create that illusion of tall, vertical lines. This is a great outfit to make you look thinner.

11- Keep Your Eye Out For These Flattering Pants Features

  • High waisted jeans – don’t think of these as the “mom jean!” Wearing a good pair of high waisted pants make your legs look a mile long
  • “Flat front” pants – by wearing a pant with a large and unbroken waistline, you’ll instantly slim your lower belly area
  • Stretch fabric – Stretchy fabrics help slim you all over and will hold their shape wash after wash.


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